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1 Rue Du Colombier

51270 CONGY


03 26 59 31 35

09 70 35 35 56

Champagne Producer in Congy

Professionalism, know-how 09 70 35 35 56

We have been producing Champagne for several generations. All our Champagnes are produced from our vineyard.

Our products

Our vines are grown on a large estate. We produce a wide range of Champagnes from these grapes: rosé, Blanc de Blanc, brut and demi-sec, etc. Our Champagnes are made from carefully selected grape varieties to keep a fruity taste.

Choose our Champagnes for your cocktails and aperitifs. They are available at affordable prices.

Our activities
  • Champagne grower
  • Champagne producer
  • Champagne selling
  • Champagne harvesting
Our strengths
  • Product diversity
  • Quality Champagne
  • Affordable prices
  • Delivery options available
  • Epernay
  • Châlons-en-Champagne
  • 65 km around Congy (delivery service).
Champagne producer Congy

All our Champagnes are produced on our estate itself


What we are famous for

Our family has been working in Champagne production since 1970. The sons of winegrowers, we handle all the stages from harvesting the grapes to bottling.

To maintain the quality of our products, we comply with Champagne winemaking techniques. Thanks to our know-how, our Champagnes have a high level of aromatic richness and a unique flavour.

Chmapagne producer Epernay

Our Champagnes are the result of several months of meticulous care and maintenance of our vineyard


Feel free to fill in our contact form, to visit the cellar

Our Champagnes are renowned for the quality of our grapes and the know-how of our winegrowers.

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About us

The CHEVREAU family has been involved in viticulture and viniculture since 1970. The good quality of our champagnes is no longer a surprise for wine lovers.